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The best innovator that improves the lives of everyone in the palm
oil industry

At SawitPRO, our goal is to create a sustainable future for the palm oil industry that benefits everyone involved. That's why we've developed an integrated end-to-end agritech digital platform that focuses on the 3Ps: people, planet, and prosperity.

New Standard to reach New Heights

Our Vision to set the new standard in the palm oil industry is the digitization of the end-to-end experience. This means that every aspect of the palm oil industry, from field to factory to consumer, will be connected via digital technology.


This will allow for a more efficient and effective palm oil industry, as well as a better experience for everyone in the palm oil industry.

Our mission is to help everyone in the palm oil industry become more:

  • Proefficient in farming practices,   so that they can

  • Produce more FFB crop resulting in greater

  • Prosperity for indigenous communities

  • Protection of the natural environment and

  • Progress of Indonesia

Loyalty Management 

Through our platform, farmers can earn rewards and incentives for their sustainable farming practices and consistent quality, while mills can secure a stable supply of high-quality palm oil

Financial Technology

A seamless and innovative financing management system to help individuals and businesses access financing quickly and easily. With our user-friendly platform, you can apply for a loan, receive approvals, and manage repayment with ease. 

Agri Input eCommerce

Offers a wide range of trusted quality agricultural inputs, including seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides. With our platform, farmers can conveniently purchase the inputs they need online, and have them delivered straight to their doorstep.

As A Service

Explore seamless agriculture with online consultations and on-site visits by our expert agronomists. We're dedicated to enhancing smallholders' productivity, guiding them on farming best practices, disease management, and pest control.

Our Numbers


Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB) kg


Farm Estate (Ha)






Business Partners

Finally, our platform is designed to drive greater profitability for all stakeholders in the Oil Palm industry, from smallholders to large agribusinesses.

By streamlining processes, reducing costs, and improving yields, we believe that our platform can create a win-win-win for people, planet, and prosperity, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come.

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