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Why Green AgriTech?

When we first started conceptualizing the new startup that is today SawitPRO, we set an ambitious goal for ourselves-we must make a positive difference-not just for ourselves, but for Mother Earth. So, the first objective that we set for ourselves is that our new startup must have a positive impact on the Planet.

Good for the Planet

With that, we set out to learn the current challenges for the earth. We soon learned that after power and electricity generation, the biggest contributor to green house gas emissions is Agriculture.

Source: IPCC

Given that we are a Southeast-Asia-based company, we quickly realized the importance of doing something in Agriculture. But Agriculture has so many aspects from forestry to animal husbandry.

After green house gas emissions, we looked at deforestation.

Upon deeper analysis, we found that within agriculture industry, the biggest cause of deforestation was small-scale agriculture.

Nevertheless, small scale agriculture is also one of the largest provider of livelihood for the low income farmers of the world. Thus, the second goal we set for ourselves was that our startup must be good for People.

Good for People

Once we decided that we wanted to work in the space of agriculture, we realized that small-scale agriculture not only employs the largest number of people but it also feeds the maximum number of people.

With the world population crossing 8 billion people on 15th November 2022, it was quite obvious to us that we should work to reinvent and reinvigorate the space of small-scale agriculture. Not just for its impact on planet but also how it can be good for people-feed the people, eliminate world hunger, and eliminate poverty of the lower income classes of agriculture.

That gave us the third goal for our startup-good for Profit.

Good for Profit

In order to have a positive influence on both people and the environment, we had to help small-scale farmers in improving their income levels and eradicating poverty. Social causes are possible only if the stomach isn't hungry. Now it became more obvious that we wanted to make the world a better place to live, feed the people more effectively, and also help them in turning a profit from their agricultural endeavors.

With that, we set out to carve the philosophy of SawitPRO.

SawitPRO is a social enterprise that is aimed to do Good for Planet, Good for People and finally Good for Profit (3Ps of SawitPRO) of small scale farmers

And that is why, we built SawitPRO-a Green AgriTech startup building sustainable global food security.

Nice to meet you, and we're excited to show you more about our projects!

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