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SawitPRO Hosted A Transformative Moment for the Palm Oil Industry

[PEKANBARU, RIAU] – On September 18, 2023, SawitPRO, a green agritech company in the palm oil industry, hosted a groundbreaking Celebration of Inauguration with PAS (Pabrik Agro Sejahtera) and PBS (Pabrik Buatan Satu) at The Premiere Hotel in Pekanbaru, Riau. The event, held from 9 am to 12 pm, brought together 21 esteemed guests, prospective customers, and industry leaders to introduce and onboard them onto the "Anggota SawitPRO" and "Pekerja SawitPRO" applications.

The event started with snacks, coffee, and a warm welcome from Abhishek, SawitPRO's CEO, as he enthusiastically embraced the occasion and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the attendees for gracing the event with their presence. Following Abhishek's warm welcome, Andrian, who serves as the Head of FFB Commercial, took the stage and delivered an engaging and insightful address. In his speech, Andrian emphasized the paramount significance of the partnership between SawitPRO and Mills in spearheading innovation within the palm oil sector.

Furthermore, the event proceeded with the introduction of the SawitPRO application by Wilson, the VP of Experience at SawitPRO, serving as the prelude to the highly anticipated live onboarding process. Guided by Woro as Senior Account Manager of SawitPRO, the invited guests enthusiastically engaged in this process. During the live onboarding session, attendees had the unique opportunity to acquire up to 400+ SawitPoin points by uploading 10 weighbridge slips, as each SawitPoin equals to Rp1,000. Notably, these points could be redeemed for quality-tested fertilizers directly from the laboratory, offering practical and tangible benefits to the participants.

Beyond the fertilizer benefits, an appealing program known as "Jawara Sawit" was introduced, encouraging participants to accumulate SawitPoin based on the tonnage of palm oil indicated on their weighbridge slips. This program had the potential to generate SawitPoinSawitPOIN in abundance, ultimately leading to the Grand Prize of a vacation to Bali. The prospect of winning such an attractive incentive added a layer of excitement and motivation to the event, encouraging active participation and engagement from the attendees.

Following the engaging live onboarding session, the event took a heartfelt turn with testimonials from esteemed guests, Fiter from Anita Group and Sam from Cinta Lahan Sawit CV. Their candid thoughts resonated with authenticity as they shared their journey with SawitPRO. Fiter's words echoed their sentiments as he remarked, "SawitPRO, stay like this, don't change the rules, don't add too many confusing features." In addition to the testimonials, customers also shared their views on the most intriguing industry trends, which the need for accurate information regarding FFB (Fresh Fruit Bunches) prices to avoid missing out on price fluctuations, the redemption of fertilizers as a crucial option, and the allure of attractive incentives in encouraging participation and collaboration.

Subsequently, Rudy Thong, the VP of Product at SawitPRO, presented an overview of the application's future during the SawitPRO Product & Future Roadmap Explanation. Rudy shed light on what lies ahead for SawitPRO, including the imminent release of the agronomist as a service–called Dokter Sawit, as well as the emphasis on ensuring user identity security within the application.

The event reached a significant milestone with the formal signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by Abhishek and Andrian, accompanied by the presentation of a commemorative plaque to Andrian as a representative of PBS and PAS, symbolizing the strong partnership between the organizations. To conclude the event, a convivial lunch was hosted, providing an opportunity for further networking and engagement between SawitPRO and its valued customers.

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