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SawitPRO Forges Strategic Partnership with Unilak to Foster Innovation and Empower Students

[Pekanbaru, Nov 1] - In a landmark move on November 1, 2023, SawitPRO, a leading player in the digitalization of the palm oil industry, entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Lancang Kuning University (Unilak) in Pekanbaru, Riau. This momentous occasion marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration that promises to bridge the gap between academia and industry, while empowering students to become the agents of change in the digital revolution of the palm oil sector.

The signing ceremony, attended by representatives from both SawitPRO and Unilak, was a testament to the commitment to a shared vision of progress and transformation in the palm oil industry. Mr. Rudy Thong, VP of Product, as distinguished representative of SawitPRO, had the privilege of engaging with key figures from Unilak, including Prof. Dr. Junaidi, S.S., M.Hum, the esteemed Rector of Unilak, and Dr. Yogi Yunefri, M.Kom., MTA., MCE., the Dean of the Computer Science Faculty. The presence of Pak Afriansyah, M.Kom., MTA., Vice Dean I of the Computer Science Faculty, further underscored the significance of this collaboration.

Mr. Rudy Thong expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership, stating, "This ceremony will serve as a solid foundation for a multitude of collaborative endeavors that we can embark upon in the future. By joining forces, we aim to revolutionize the palm oil industry's digital landscape and provide invaluable opportunities for the students of Unilak."

This collaboration brings forth a wealth of opportunities for both SawitPRO and Unilak:

For Unilak

Unilak will benefit from an infusion of real-world industrial knowledge, a key asset for any academic institution. This partnership will facilitate the adaptation of the curriculum to meet the dynamic needs of the industry by identifying novel approaches that can enhance existing educational paradigms. Moreover, it will facilitate the seamless transition of graduates into the workforce, ensuring they are equipped with practical skills and industry-specific insights.

For SawitPRO

This collaboration opens doors to a talented pool of students ready to be stationed in Riau, one of SawitPRO's primary target markets. Furthermore, with a significant portion of Unilak's student body hailing from second-generation farming backgrounds, SawitPRO sees them as potential future customers. These students, deeply rooted in the palm oil industry, will become instrumental in the digitalization process and will act as catalysts for change.

In a separate meeting, Mr. Rudy Thong engaged in an insightful discussion with Pak Sutejo, M.Kom., MTA., Vice Dean III of the Computer Science Faculty, and Pak Rizki Novendra, M.M.SI., MTA., Head of Digital Business Major. The dialogue centered around SawitPRO's visionary approach, the company's perception of the industry, and its strategies to reshape the landscape. Pak Sutejo, as a second-generation farmer himself, expressed great excitement about the potential transformations SawitPRO could bring to the sector. They also explored tangible action points, including internship programs, public lectures, and an innovative "shark tank style" digital business competition, aimed at fostering entrepreneurial spirit and innovation.

The SawitPRO-Unilak partnership signifies a new dawn in academia-industry collaboration, poised to drive innovation and empower the next generation of leaders in the palm oil sector. This strategic alliance promises to be a model of industry-academia synergy, nurturing the growth and sustainability of both institutions while propelling the palm oil industry into a digital era of unparalleled opportunities.

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