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Mining Green Gold

Building a Purposeful Social Enterprise that is good for people, planet, and profits.

One of the biggest challenges of our future generations is going to be food security. With ever increasing population, climate change, limited arable land, chances are we will run out of space to grow enough food for everyone. One of the key ingredients of all cuisine is vegetable oil–from your favorite French fries, to fried chicken, cakes, biscuits, chips, chocolates, candies, faux meat, even salad dressings. SawitPRO is a green AgriTech company that we launched at the start of 2023 with the explicit purpose of making vegetable oil–more specifically Palm Oil–sustainable and more productive. More oil, less land.

Earlier in May, I had the pleasure to roll out our very first platform to our customers. I spent all of this week in Riau meeting SawitPRO customers–Palm oil mills, agents, suppliers, etc. And I am happy to say we signed a few mills and agents to use our application. Not only are they using the application to buy and sell fresh fruit bunches (FFBs), but they also are using it to earn loyalty points and redeem in exchange for agriculture inputs like fertilizer.

Fig 1: Fresh Fruit Bunch of a Oil Palm Tree

Fig 2: Agreement signed with CPO mills to partner with SawitPRO

Fig 3: Launch of our fertilizer redemption program

Fig 4: Our customers collecting fertilizer from SawitPRO

SawitPRO can now proudly say that our platform has officially launched and we are successfully out of our beta stage into general availability. We have real customers willing to use our platform and benefits are for all to see.

We digitize the fragmented palm oil supply chain to build more loyalty and trust amongst suppliers unlocking hidden value. This value is, in turn shared with our partners and customers to increase productivity of the palm oil plantations by selling quality fertilizer. Over time, this virtuous cycle continues to unlock more and more value, thereby making more money (profits) for all the actors (people) in the oil palm supply chain, without increasing the need for more land (planet). Good for planet, people and profits because SawitPRO helps its customers buy more FFB, sell more FFB, grow more FFB thereby making more money for everyone.

I am happy to say that the green gold mining has begun. And we welcome all partners, friends, colleagues, industry players, technology companies to work together with us on our journey. A journey that is full of meaning and purpose to ensure food security for generations to come while ensuring higher land productivity and poverty alleviation.

It has just begun! And we are looking for wings to fly. Would you help us?

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