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Meet Abhishek, The Man Who Planted the Idea of SawitPRO

Abhishek Singh is the CEO of SawitPRO, an Agritech company specialising in setting up the new standard in digitising Palm Oil Industry. With formidable leadership and a forward-thinking mindset, he has an impressive track record in spearheading digital transformation across large conglomerates and startups. Abhishek’s passion lies in harnessing technology to revolutionize the agriculture and technology sectors, promoting sustainability, and ensuring global food security for future generations.

With a remarkable achievement, Abhishek is recognized as one of the top 20 CIOs in ASEAN for two consecutive years. This accolade reflects his superlative prowess in driving digital innovation and transformative strategies in the tech industry.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Abhishek is deeply committed to several social causes. He is a strong advocate for woman empowerment and takes active initiatives to support and promote gender diversity in the workplace. His belief in the power of education and opportunities for women to thrive has made him a leading force in fostering inclusive work environments.

Moreover, Abhishek is an ardent animal lover, and his vegan lifestyle exemplifies his commitment to animal welfare and environmental conservation. He firmly believes that adopting a compassionate and sustainable approach towards animals is crucial for a harmonious coexistence with nature.

In addition, Abhishek believes in using technology and innovation to create economic opportunities and improve the lives of underprivileged communities. By empowering individuals with education, skills, and access to resources, he strives to break the cycle of poverty and create a more equitable society.

As a visionary leader, Abhishek combines his expertise in digital transformation with his dedication to social causes, aligning business success with meaningful impact. Through his leadership and advocacy, he aspires to pave the way for a technologically empowered and sustainable future, one that benefits humanity, animals, and the planet alike. From driving excellence in the tech industry to making a significant difference in society.

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