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Customer Support

Pekanbaru, Pekanbaru City, Riau, Indonesia

Job Type

Full Time (WFO)

About the Role


CS Associate is an individual with ownership over the customer experience. As a team-player, will regularly collaborate and liaise with marketing, inventory planning, front-end web development, and product teams. This position is unique in that it requires both creative and operational muscle to excel – a healthy balance of art and science!


  • Drive a ‘customer first approach’ to inbound and outbound management

  • Developing holistic customer journeys and shaping all customer touchpoints: events, digital and print communication, social media interactions, in order to drive customer conversion rates across all stages of engagement,

  • Shaping the Customer Experience strategy in a way that enables us to acquire, convert and retain more engaged and loyal customers, driving ROI and enabling the university to meet its targets,

  • Developing and implementing an overarching customer communication plan (throughout multiple stages), in relation to customer information needs of the customer journey,

  • Managing our support team, a group of experienced customer support experts contracted from around the country.

  • Supporting the CX team to a standard of excellence, including but not limited to routine ticket and chat QA to identify areas of strength and improvement.

  • Keeping CS Platform (i.e. Zendesk), the central hub for all customer support, neat, tidy, and running efficiently.

  • Updating and reporting on KPIs through CS Platform (i.e. Zendesk) Insights.

  • Engaging with our community on social media channels as needed

  • Escalating web/mobile issues gleaned through customer feedback to the web/mobile development team.

  • Communicating as with our accounting lead regarding risk analysis in customer orders, as needed.

  • Always thinking outside the box with customer-facing and back-of-house support operations: how can we have the best support operation both for our customers and for our team?



  • Bachelor’s degree, majoring in Agronomy, Business, Communication, Computer Science or equivalent

  • At least 3 years of experience as Customer Support

  • You are a driven to win, competitive and intellectually curious individual.

  • You have experience with CS Platform (i.e. Zendesk) and have worked in CX before or have experience which is applicable to it.

  • You are flexible, passionate and a team player.

  • You are comfortable with scrappy environments, where one must do a lot with a little and where speed matters. You are a self-starter and have a deep passion for this field.

  • Proven track record in collaborating with the marketing communication team to build our loyalty and rewards program.

  • Systematic and Methodical in monitoring and synthesising product feedback through support feedback and return/exchange data (Returnly); communicating findings to the product team and inventory planning team to better inform product development and sales strategy.

About the Company

SawitPRO is a cutting-edge green digital agritech startup located in the heart of Jakarta. Our mission is to be the best innovator that improves the lives of everyone in the palm oil industry. Through our integrated end-to-end agri-platform, we create a win-win-win scenario for people, planet, and prosperity.
We provide integrated apps that connect the supply chain stakeholders in the palm oil industry (Mills, DO Agents, Smallholders, Harvesters, Drivers, etc.). Creating a digital ecosystem that essentially boosts their productivity with effortless work documentation, affordable yet original agri-inputs, and agronomist services.
Our commitment extends beyond providing innovative solutions; we aim to nurture every aspect of Indonesia's palm oil industry. By fostering growth and sustainability, we strive to bring positive change to the lives of individuals in the palm oil sector, one at a time.

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