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Lead of Backend Engineering & Integrations

Jakarta, Indonesia

Job Type

Full Time (WFO)

About the Role
  • Design & develop reliable fault-tolerant services with highest quality & performance.

  • Design & develop data storage solutions based on system requirements (SQL, no SQL, Cache).

  • Work with product managers and other stakeholders to define, scope, and prioritise technical tasks.

  • Collaborate with front-end developers and other engineering lead/managers to integrate user-facing elements with server-side logic.

  • Collaborate with infrastructure and site reliability engineers to maintain and improve security, quality, reliability, and performance of backend services.

  • Manage, track, and improve individual performance of backend engineers.

  • Lead technical conversations with external & third party service providers.

  • Identify bugs, bottlenecks, tech debts, and devise solutions to these problems.


  • At least an Advanced Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, or Master's Degree, in Computer Science / IT, Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication), or equivalent.

  • Proficiency in multiple backend programming languages such as Golang (primary) and Java.

  • Proficiency in multiple database engines such as SQL (PostgreSQL), document database, search, etc.

  • At least 7 years working experience as an individual contributor as backend engineers.

  • At least 4 years working experience as team leader or manager.

  • Knowledge of multiple API and RPC protocol to integrate between internal services, applications, and external services.

  • Experience in leading cross-functional teams in agile development workflow.

  • Experience cloud infrastructure such as AWS and/or GCP.

  • Discipline in high quality software development such as code versioning, testings, CI/CD, etc.

  • Good written and verbal communication in English and Indonesia.

  • Strong problem solving skills.

  • Preferably having experience in social media, ecommerce, and loyalty management system.

  • Preferably having experience in high performance, high traffic, high transactions, high volume B2C applications and platform.

  • Business Experience (Preferred) - Following experiences are desirable 

    • Social media, multiplayer games, eCommerce or Loyalty Management Systems

    • High performance, high volume, high transactions B2C applications & platforms

    • Peer to Peer or B2C loan & Credit Systems

About the Company

SawitPRO is a cutting-edge green digital agritech startup located in the heart of Jakarta. Our mission is to be the best innovator that improves the lives of everyone in the palm oil industry. Through our integrated end-to-end agri-platform, we create a win-win-win scenario for people, planet, and prosperity.

We provide integrated apps that connect the supply chain stakeholders in the palm oil industry (Mills, DO Agents, Smallholders, Harvesters, Drivers, etc.). Creating a digital ecosystem that essentially boosts their productivity with effortless work documentation, affordable yet original agri-inputs, and agronomist services.

Our commitment extends beyond providing innovative solutions; we aim to nurture every aspect of Indonesia's palm oil industry. By fostering growth and sustainability, we strive to bring positive change to the lives of individuals in the palm oil sector, one at a time.

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