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E-Commerce Executive

Jakarta, Indonesia

Job Type

Full Time (WFO)

About the Role

Primary Responsibilities 

  • Own, lead and drive the eCommerce business of SawitPRO called Toko Sawit

  • To drive the online demand for goods and services sold by SawitPRO

  • Work with different departments to ensure a comprehensive eCommerce strategy for capturing market share, market development and sales of toko Sawit

  • Ensure high adoption of Toko Sawit 

  • Define the SLAs for Toko Sawit online business 

  • Work closely with operations team to ensure on-time fulfillment of online orders

  • Own P&L responsibility of Toko Sawit constantly driving towards higher revenues and profits 

Role of the eCommerce Executive 

  • eCommerce Strategy - Develop, own and constantly update end to end eCommerce business strategy for Toko Sawit through innovation and creativity

  • Customer Experience Management - Ensure highest standards of online shopping experience for Toko Sawit customers

  • Category Management - Ensure the most sought after products are always listed in the product catalog of Toko Sawit. Continuously source for high revenue, high profit products to be listed on Toko Sawit

  • Revenue Management - Come up with innovative pricing strategies for products to optimise revenues while serving the best price guarantee of SawitPRO

  • Sales Growth - Maximise sales revenues for online sales through constant growth of customer base, product catalog, best pricing and customer satisfaction 

  • User adoption - Ensure high levels of recurring revenue from the existing users, referral business and other strategies for highest standards of user adoption

  • Promotions and marketing - Work with marketing team to launch innovative online marketing campaigns and promotions for building the SawitPRO and Toko Sawit brands

  • Partnerships - Collaborate with partnership team to maximise online to offline (O2O) sales, revenues and profits

  • Performance monitoring - Constantly monitor Toko Sawit performance to ensure maximum availability of Toko Sawit products. Close inventory monitoring with the operations team to maximize product availability across all regions

  • eCommerce Loyalty - Develop loyalty programs for online shopping

  • Execution KPIs – clearly define execution goals and KPIs to deliver on the experience portfolio of the organization

  • P & L - Manage revenue and costs generated from the online user base



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Business or Marketing discipline is required with minimum GPA 3.00

  • Min. 3 years’ experience working in eCommerce business, preferably with some independent P&L responsibilities

  • Experience in innovating business models and developing new channels, business models or business transformation

  • Palm oil industry knowledge would be helpful

  • Deep understanding of people and their motivations and behaviours

  • Strong research and customer persona development skills

  • Strong business acumen, including domain-specific knowledge of the manufacturing and resources companies and their business units

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

  • Must be a passionate human being with strong idealism and vision for a brighter future of Indonesia

About the Company

SawitPRO is the best innovator that improves the lives of everyone in the Palm Oil Industry.

Our mission is to develop an integrated end-to-end agri-platform, creating a win-win-win for People, Planet and Prosperity. Our Vision is to help palm oil smallholders become more PROficient in farming practises, so that they can PROduce more FFB crop resulting in greater PROsperity for indigenous communities, also creating PROfitability for our business, PROtection of the natural environment and PROgress of Indonesia

SawitPRO is a game-changer improving the smallholders’ living standard, and helping our planet to meet the growing global demand for sustainable palm oil through efficient land use.

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